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Each week, we teach you about a historical person, place or event in 15 minutes. Our goal has always been to host a history podcast that provides a lesson you can hear on your way to work, while doing dishes, or even sitting in a chair giving us your full attention. With each episode we hope to spur your interest in the past, learning the mistakes and successes of those who have come before us, and to pursue further study and exploration on your own.

Your time is valuable. The average commute to work is 16 minutes. It takes an average of 14 minutes to wash a sink of dishes. We don’t have three-hour episodes, textbook readings, or rehashed information. We teach history to fit your schedule, not ours. Each week, we walk you in the footsteps of history, 15 minutes at a time.


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Your 15-Minute History Podcast History Team

These are the three people who spend countless hours bringing you the best history podcast in the industry.


Jon Streeter

Jon Streeter is a professional military historian and teacher. As co-host of 15-Minute History, he provides authoritative expertise into the historical events discussed and has the uncanny knack for making the lessons of history applicable to everyday life.

This picture was taken at the Canadian National Memorial at Vimy Ridge in Arras, France. Legend has it that if Jon sees his shadow we won't have another world war for six more years.


Joe Parker

Joe Parker is a digital marketing professional, writer and amateur historian. As the other co-host, he provides an outsider’s view into historical events with a focus on the “human factor” and the different stories of the people who have changed history for better or worse.

This picture was taken in the wheat fields at the Longues-sur-mer battery in Normandy, France. It was 60% staged and added here because it looks like a scene from Gladiator and is quasi-artsy.


Kevin Dick

Kevin Dick is an experienced commercial real estate professional, musician and songwriter. As the sound engineer for 15-Minute History, Kevin takes every raw episode and painstakingly makes it viable for public consumption.

This picture was taken with the Face App and is therefore not 100% real. Fun Fact: Kevin was the first to tell us our recording quality in season one was terrible. Thankfully, he provided a solution.